Thursday, July 2, 2015

Good Work Ethic

Life is work. We have things to do to grow ourselves and to grow closer to other people. Here are six tips my teacher shared with the class on how to teach children how to have a good work ethic. 

1. Work doesn't equal money= we don't want children to only lift a finger when they are getting paid to do so. We want to help them want to do it for the simple rewards it automatically brings.

2. Teach money self reliance when children are young= children can learn that when they put in effort than they can work towards getting something they want or need. So when work does help them earn money, they can then go buy something for themselves. It teaches them that they can't just be given things they want all the time.

3. Don't micro manage= it's important to hear what the children have to say. Let them pick from a number of chores to do. Children, like ourselves, don't always like being told what to do. 

4. Be a worker yourself= so much can be learned from simply watching a good example. It's easier to want to get a job done, when a child can do it alongside a parent. 

5. Contribute= let the children know they are valued and needed. 

6. Encourage= Tell your children when they are doing a good job. It gets very discouraging when we are constantly being told that we are doing something wrong, especially something we didn't want to do in the first place. I remember one specific time of doing the dishes when I was little. I did NOT like that job. I was rinsing the dishes while my brother Ben was washing them. I remember he gave me a compliment about how I would turn the water off when I was through in stead of leaving it on while waiting for another dish to rinse. Ben is my Superman. Getting a compliment from someone I admire so much really lifted my heart. I remember this experience every time I do the dishes. I now actually really enjoy this job. 

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