Friday, April 24, 2015

Like a Redwood

Hello everyone!

I get to start this blog for my Family Relations class. Here I will be posting a little about what I have learned in class and anything else I would like to share about my love for the family.

I would first like to start out with my testimony about the family. I know that just like a church Primary song says: 'God gave us families to help us become what He wants us to be'*. I know this is true with all my heart. We need each other. Something that fascinates me is how the great big Redwood trees' roots grow. It would be easy to think that their roots would grow extremely deep into the ground to be able to support how tall and wide they are. Their roots actually only grow six feet deep and then they spread horizontally intertwining with the roots of the other trees around them. A huge part of their strength comes from relying on each other. It's hard to blow a tree (or really anything else) down or pull it out of the ground when it's connected to so many other trees.  I like to apply this to families. We each can become so much stronger and greater when we aren't trying to go through life alone. We need to lean on each other, work together, hold on tight to one another, and not give up on each other. This is a reason why our loving Heavenly Father sent us to earth in families. We don't need to travel this earth life adventure alone. Together we CAN become all God wants us to be and God only wants the best for us. One thing I know God wants us to be is happy. We can't even imagine all the joy God has in store for us. So, lets all think about what we have to give to our families whether it's a family by blood, a community family, church family, etc. What can we each give to help those around us become better? I know that everyone has something to give.  

*Here is a link to the song mentioned above. It's called 'The Family is of God'. You should go listen to it!