Saturday, May 2, 2015

Let Them Come

This week in my Family Relations class we got to watch a documentary called 'The New Economic Reality: Demographic Winter'(via It was interesting to learn about the world's population. The documentary talked about how the world's population used to double about every 20 years. Many people have been worried about over populating the earth. Years ago people thought that the world could not hold over 3 billion people. The earth currently supports around 7 billion.
One reason for population growth is the fact that people are living longer. A scary fact is that the fertility rate is decreasing. Women need to have on average 2.13 children to be able to replace those who pass away. In the United States the replacement rate is close to 2.09 and in Europe it's 1.38. Ahh! Yes, more people means more resources used, but remember that with each child of God comes talents, knowledge, and abilities. Each child can bring knew ways for us to use the earth for the better.
We do need to take care of the earth and hope to be able to give our children the best life. We shouldn't let worldy worries and fears stop us from having children though. God created the world for us. Specifically families. He has many spirit children that need a turn on earth. How many children we have needs to be between the husband and wife and God, not news reporters or scientists. God will bless us and provide a way for us to follow His commandment of 'multiplying and replenishing the earth.' I know as ,The Family: A Proclamation To The World states, that this commandment 'remains in force'.
I know not every family needs to be large, but I sure love having siblings and having tons of aunts, uncles, and cousins to help me enjoy my time on earth. The relationship and bond that comes from being family members is very special. We should never purposely stop a child from coming into a home where they can be loved and given the gospel, We should have the attitude of 'let them come'. Others let us come to this long awaited earth experience, let us help our other siblings have the same opportunity. See? We need each other.

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