Tuesday, June 16, 2015

For a strong marriage

Here are three very important things to do to have a strong marriage:

1. Go to great lengths to protect your marriage.
We need to be very intentional about how we are treating our spouse and others around us. We need to make sure we are being completely faithful to who we are married to. We need to love and cherish that person.

2. Don't reduce sacred things
We need to treat our spouse with the utmost respect. We need to remember how important marriage is and treat it that way. Also we shouldn't ever demean our sexual relations with our spouse.

3. Don't let anyone inside your marriage other than your spouse and God.
The person we should be discussing any kind of matter first with is God and our spouse. Friends and family are great to talk to, but once we are married those people should come second. We draw closer to our spouse as we discuss things together and work them out together.

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